Bruce Greenwood (breenwood) wrote,
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Apple TV

I may be missing something here. iTunes has a service (unavailable in Australia, naturally, because Apple doesn't want our filthy shiny plastic money or something(yes, our actual cash money is plastic in Australia(yes, I am using nested parentheses))) whereby you can temporarily rent a movie which you must then watch within 24 hours. This is, according to some sources (including this one) a Bad Thing.

Excuse me, but isn't this the same model that Blockbuster, Video Ezy and practically every other video rental company has used for years? What am I missing here? Please, somebody, enlighten me. Oh, and I use QuickFlix, so I understand that DVD rental has undergone something of a revolution, but still, I comfoozed. I'd say "please explain", but that phrase carries unfortunate connotations downunda.
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