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I read a hell of a lot of webcomics and listen to more than a few podcasts. I don't read as many journals as I probably should, or books for that matter... anyway, here's a few choice bits of fascination for you, some which are (I believe) relatively well known, others which may have escaped your notice but deserve your attention.

The Mansion of E by Robert M. Cook

Four and a half years in, and we're halfway through the second day. This one's not just deep, folks, it's wide, with events and characters that weave through and around each other. Set in, around and mostly below the titular mansion, this is ostensibly the story of two brothers, Sylvester and Mortimer, and the strange girl Mortimer brings to the mansion one day, Rosemary Ripley. While they may be by and large the catalysts for the story, it's by no means their story alone - which is fortunate, given that whole months can go by with nary a peep from these characters. A fascinating fantasy set in a post cataclysmic world, you'll lose hours to this one when you first find the archives, and then wait eagerly for the next installment.

Girl Geniusby Phil and Kaja Foglio

Readers of the somewhat defunct Dragon Magazine may recognise the name Phil Foglio, who drew the popular What's New? comic for many a year. Now with his wife Kaja (who probably had more than a little to do with "What's New?", but what the hell do I know?) he's created a gaslamp fantasy world ruled (badly) by Mad Science, with the heroine Agatha Heterodyne figuring out her place in the world - which may be, much to everyone's (including Agatha's) dismay, the top.

Decoder Ring Theatre

Full-cast audio dramas in the style of yesteryear! Well, that's what they are. Stop looking at me like that. The Red Panda adventures and Black Jack Justice are their longest ongoing serieses- seriess- ...serials, and feature a cast of talented performers who bring these fun and exciting stories to life. Truly good stuff.

Space Casey by Christiana Ellis

A cracking space-adventure featuring a conwoman whose crooked schemes would make Han "I shot first" Solo or Sam Gunn think "hey, I wish I'd thought of that". It all starts when Casey steals the wrong ship from the wrong... well... "man" at the wrong time, and of course it all gets worse from their. The only question is who it's gotten worse for...


So there you have a potted list. There's other stuff, of course, but it's well past bedtime, so have a good night! (Oh, and I got Season 1/Season 27 for Christmas. Woohoo!)
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