Bruce Greenwood (breenwood) wrote,
Bruce Greenwood

Not dead yet

I'm alive! I'm currently working for CBA, and spend a lot of my free time trying to catch up from about a month behind on my webcomic feeds(warning - this link is an RSS feed!). I've tried to drop in to #drwhochat every now and then, but that seems to have died... I'd like to create a couple more entries for Uncyclopedia every now and then, but I need some fresh ideas. I guess I need to start reading again, but it's so much easier to listen to podcasts on the train... the iPod's in my pocket, so when I fall asleep (it's a 2 hour train journey!) it doesn't fall to the ground like a book does.

Or maybe I just need to read better books.

The car I thought I'd wrecked by crashing into someone worked fine. Until, of course, I blew it up by not putting water into it. So driving is currently impossible for me... le sigh. I wish I had someone to blame.

Oh, and we got a new boss of the country yesterday. Hurrah. I'm sure that he'll make massive, sweeping changes to the things that really matter, like making sure that the names of various unpopular policies are no longer used.
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