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Hideously sick

Madison was sick on Tuesday, poor little thing... she brought up her food a couple of times, but after that she was fine.

Kelly was sick yesterday, poor thing... she was sick all over her till at work, tried to keep working (she's stubborn like that at times) and eventually was sent home to recuperate. Of course, being the stubborn ass that she is, she decided to go back to work today... and was sent home before she could get hideously sick.

I got it today. The family that stays together gets sick together.

Oh, and as for the gym... my excuse (which is entirely valid, by the way) is that I have no money as I have no job. Hurrah. Word of warning... don't show webpages that you think are funny to your boss, if she's the kind of woman who would think that the Black Knight scene is "unsuitable for work and shows a disturbed mind".
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